Autumn 2020 Newsletter

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New study—breastfed infants were either fed gluten early (starting 4-6 months) or after 6 months. Then they compared the rates of Celiac at 3 years. Surprisingly, the early intro of “high dose” of gluten group had lower rates of Celiac at 3 years (0%, vs 1.4%)
The study suggests that higher amounts of gluten may be the key to prevention here. They specify that this study involved an age appropriate “normal” amount of gluten—3.2 grams by 9 months—but  the paper does not provide an example of what that means in “real life”.
Longer follow up is underway…
Also: Hot off the presses—Celiac is not linked to increased risk of COVID. Phew!
And big news for many: For a long time, SIBO tests looked at 2 gasses, hydrogen and methane, but this would miss some people, because there was starting to be evidence that hydrogen sulfide was also a factor. Now labs are available can also examine this, too, and make the clinical picture clearer.
Ooh, did you hear? A bunch of Ben & Jerry’s flavors are about to be certified GF. If you happen to like ice cream. ?
Halloween on the way…
My standard Halloween suggestions here….some things may require adaptations.
From Allergic living–

Egg Bake Slice

Easy cheesy egg bake
We’ve still got an abundance of basil to use up this time of year, and it’s a balancing act of finding quick and easy recipes. This one takes about 5 min prep time and it’s delicious. Bonus—it’s gluten-free, vegetarian, low FODMAP, SCD friendly and adaptable for dairy-free.

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