G-Free Thanksgiving 2020

The holidays will be different for most of us this year. Now, this is my 14th year posting on a gluten-free Thanksgiving,  I’m used to things looking different. But this is a different different. And I’m not quite sure how each of us are going to navigate the challenges of a smaller, socially distant or outdoor feast. It’s new for all of us, and I haven’t quite figured out how we plan to mini-size the meal.

There are some tips here in the Washington post (not all gluten-free, of course) and on Livestrong

rollsGF Jules has some info on how to shrink a typical feast and make it gluten-free. We made Jules’ pull apart rolls last year, and they were delicious!

And if you plan to order in, some gluten-free options are here….and Epicured just published a 25% off code EPICUREDBLKFRI for gluten-free and low FODMAP meals (nope, none of these are sponsored, just sharing what might be of interest)

My traditional Thanksgiving ideas are here, if you are looking for ideas and recipes to get you started.

So here’s to you and the ones around you having a safe, happy and healthy holiday, where ever it takes you or wherever it finds you. This current situation may be uncomfortable, but it is temporary—your health and the health of the ones you love is a longer-term proposition.

ps–have some extra time and want to watch a great conference on Celiac? Canadian Celiac Association’s conference was recorded just this weekend and is available here…all 6 hours with lots of experts.

pps–surely you’ve heard about the new GF oreos that will be arriving in January 2021? A handful of Ben and Jerry’s flavors are certified GF, too. Nope, neither are known for their major health benefits, but for many, they are a nostalgic favorites. Re: oreos, many details about ingredients and production are still TBD.

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