Client Feedback

A variety of comments & feedback on Cheryl’s sessions, classes & speaking engagements.  Most are unsolicited!

Individual sessions:

  • “I have been following your plan for me… I feel wonderful. I have more energy for everyday activities, and don’t get out of breath as easily. I just realized yesterday that my chronic neck pain has been gone for months! I am a happier and calmer person, thanks to you.” E.L.
  • “You really did encourage me and I feel much better after our visit.” M M.D.
  • “You are a ray of sunshine for the entire Celiac community and especially for me. Thank you so much for your help.” S.S.
  • “It was really helpful to be able to sit down and talk about my progress and get so many useful ideas from you.” J.S.
  • ” Thank you so much for all of the help you gave me over the past few years. I think I have a better idea of how to keep eating healthy, and I have tools to help me when I need it (I have all of your notes and sheets you gave me in a folder with our recipe books!). Although I have to say I think one of the best take-aways I learned from you is when someone is telling you something, repeat back to them what you are actually hearing. Sometimes the person talking doesn’t even realize what they are saying until someone points it out to them!” C.A.
  • “Cheryl,
    I just wanted to say that A and I gained a better understanding of healthful eating, given his restrictions, from our session with you. I liked your approach very much — you worked with him to discover potential new foods he might try rather than tell him which foods he needed to eat. Naturally, he’s more receptive to that approach and now we have some new products to try. He also now knows which nutrients he must strive to get more of (omegas).
    You were wonderful. It was a pleasure to meet you.” CF

Class comments:

  • “Thanks so much, Cheryl, for all this good information. I thoroughly enjoyed your class last Saturday and am looking forward to doing the one!” A.H.
  • “Cheryl–I was a willing but not enthusiastic person in coming. But I was charmed. I’m a salesman and I was professionally impressed with how professional you were and well attuned to your audience. It was very informative and very well balanced.” J.S.
  • “I now enjoy Quinoa a lot! I’m still working on making the rest of the family like it but I crave it all the time now since I tasted your salad!” I.F.
  • “I absolutely loved the class on Nov.14th. You are just a world of information.” A.B.

Conferences/speaking engagements:

  • “Dynamic, practical, tied research to practice” & “Great presentation, great resources” Virginia Dietetics Association 2011 Annual Meetingvda letter
  • “Your talk and that one recipe was worth a year’s worth of meetings and newsletters.” N.M.
  • “You have a gift for speaking!” D.H.