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Information on Celiac disease:

There’s been a lot of new research and changing information on Celiac Disease and a gluten free diet in the last few years. Here are some sites with credible, research based information.

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My Favorite Gluten-free cookbooks for a variety of palates:

Helpful Gluten-free resources:

Celiac Disease & GF Diet Videos–

Dr. John Snyder, Chief of the Department of Gastroenterology at CNMC in DC,  Dr. Gary Kaplan, Medical Director of Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine and myself discussing testing, diagnosis and follow-up, eating a gluten-free diet and a short segment on when it’s not Celiac.  The Celiac Sprue Association has been kind enough to support the project.

Please note–these videos are from 2009, so some of the material is now dated.

Insurance Reimbursement for Patients with Celiac:

As a health care professional, I was deeply disturbed to learn that many insurance companies do not provide coverage for Medical Nutrition Therapy for Celiac Disease.  I began writing letters on behalf of of my clients to spread awareness, and much to my surprise, about half the time the insurance company eventually provides coverage .  To the best of my knowledge Medicare and Tricare have not ever covered services.

There are two letters here.  One for Registered Dietitians to file on behalf of their patients, and one is for  clients to file on their own behalf

This just in! a new letter for reimbursement for IBD (MS Word format, 28KB).


Local Restaurants:

My take on gluten sensitivity and stool tests.