Sept G-Free News: Contaminated, POTS, recipe

The summer really flew by…and I meant to post, but life sometimes slips away.

yummy cake
Mousse cake…with strawberries from my garden!

First, cake! Yes, of course it’s gluten-free. Recipe here.

I finally was prompted to post because of an issue with GF Harvest Oats, which Gluten-Free Watchdog has kindly alerted the gluten-free population to. So if you don’t support Tricia, please consider it. In a nutshell, GF Harvest is under new management, and now has batches testing as contaminated with gluten. If you’re using these oats, it’s time to reconsider and choose a new source of oats.

Comorbidies of POTSEver heard of POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome?) Too few people have. It’s fairly common, and before COVID, it affected around 1% of the population. I got POTS when I was in grad school, and it’s always been on my radar because 4% of people with POTS have Celiac, instead of the usual 1%, and ~95% of people have digestive issues. Since COVID, rates of POTS have increased significantly because it’s often post viral. I have a paper on the nutritional management of POTS in the Journal of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics this month.

A really common question I get from people on a gluten-free diet is, what about kissing people who are eating gluten? It’s something many people worry about–39% overall, and 41% in women. And not surprisingly, dating poses all sorts of challenges

A low FODMAP diet helps with digestive symptoms, but not mucosal healing in patients with IBD (review of current studies)

People with Celiac have ongoing symptoms despite a strict gluten free diet–up to even 20% of patients. Symptoms may be digestive, joint stiffness, fatigue, skin issues, & depression.

As so many are headed back to school, here are some thoughts on gluten-free breakfasts.

Wishing you a delicious autumn,

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