G-Free Grab & Go Nutritionist Approved List

I’m a huge fan of naturally gluten-free food. It’s usually healthier, usually cheaper, and IMHO, usually tastier, too. That’s especially this time of year when there are a lot of yummy options almost in season!

And yet…there are so many reasons packaged foods do absolutely come in handy from time to time, whether it’s because of job demands, travel, outdoor activities that prevent easy access or you just need to have something shelf-stable and portable in the car in case of emergency.

I’ve put together a updated list of some of my favorite healthier options among packaged products, with an eye out towards ones that are lower in sugar, higher in fiber and protein, and less processed. Obviously, you don’t want to forget naturally gluten-free options, too!


What do I consider a gluten-free healthy bar? In a nutshell, mostly ingredients your grandmother would recognize, some protein and fiber for fullness and of course, gluten-free. These also avoid artificial sweeteners and soy protein isolate.


Quick meal options



  • Amy’s Organic® has frozen entrees, with vegan and vegetarian options
  • Beetnick frozen foods–certified GF, lots of options
  • Dr. Praeger-veggie burgers, veggie patties, fish sticks & more.
  • Garden lites® soufflés and muffins, vegan and vegetarian options.
  • Glutenfreeda® has a wide variety of options. Nutritionally speaking, the burritos are healthier than the ice cream sandwiches, of course

Veggie Burgers:

Shelf-stable options:

  • CookSimple® has a variety of boxed meals (some gluten-free, some not)
  • GoPicnic® has pre-packed meals that are shelf-stable. (some vegan options)
  • St. Dafour® has tinned meals (some gluten-free, some not)

Cereals: (other great breakfast options here)oatmeal


Ah, the task of finding a g-free bread with enough fiber. Try these:wonderbread

Dr. Schar Ciabatta Rolls®

Julian Bakery (variety of lower carb, higher fiber options)

Sandwich Petals®

Udi’s Flax and Fiber ®

 All products are gluten-free per the manufacturer’s claim. Always double check labels, because products do change. Some do contain other allergens.
Did I leave out one of your favorites? Leave me a note in the comments.


Frito Lay has a voluntary recall for BBQ chips that are labeled gluten-free, but they contain wheat.
Bart and Judy’s Gluten-Free cookies have tested with high levels of gluten, so buyer beware!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
AND, on a much lighter and nicer note, I have a review of a bunch of gluten, dairy and soy-free chocolates.
I’m submitting this to Gluten-Free Wednesdays, a weekly roundup of all sorts of interesting gluten-free recipes and posts. It’s co-hosted by Linda of Gluten-free Homemaker, Shirley of gluten free easily and Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. Hop on over for some more yum!

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Why move?

littlecWe all know that we “should” exercise, and that regular movement lowers the rate of heart disease, lowers the risk of high blood pressure, moderates cholesterol levels, lowers inflammation, helps with weight maintenance and all that jazz. But exercise has benefits that extend to pretty much every area of health.

Stress and mood: regular movement reduces depression and anxiety, and helps improve mood and a sense of well-being. The evidence on depression is so strong that it’s a formal recommendation for treatment. Aerobic exercise seems most useful for combating depression.

Tummy troubles: It’s been well-established that any kind of physical activity helps with constipation, because it makes food move more quickly through the GI tract. Exercise also helps reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, even though it’s not clear exactly why.

Cancer: People who are physically active are less likely to get breast and colon cancer, and possibly lung, prostate and endometrial cancer, too. Regular exercise is one of the key recommendations for cancer survivors to lower the risk of re-occurrence.

Bones & joints: exercise strengthens bones, particularly weight bearing exercise, like walking, running, weights, dancing, tai chi, etc. This lowers the rate of hip fracture, and helps increase bone mass, too.

Builds the brain: most of the studies to date were done on furry little animals, but the studies are clear that regular movement plays a key role in brain growth and development.

Make it fun…

If you’re having fun, you’re more likely to do it, right? So choose something you think you’ll enjoy. And yes, I’m the little hula-hooper in the picture above, and I was having a great time moving!


Recipe: Banana ‘Screamnana 'scream

As the weather warms up, this is a great twist on the classic banana “soft serve”

1 banana, frozen, chopped into 5-6 chunks
1 TBSP liquor (chocolate liquor, Frangelico, whatever)
OR 1 TBSP “milk”, juice or water
1 pinch vanilla beans, cacao nibs, cinnamon, chocolate shavings or whatever other topping suits your fancy.

Blend banana and fluid of choice until smooth in the food processor. Add topping if desired and enjoy!

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