Something Gluten-free in Season–May 2010

Great news! There are thousands of new places opening up across the country with delicious, healthy, fresh gluten free food. It’s even better than what you can get at the usual supermarket or even at health food stores. You don’t have to read any labels or call the manufacturer. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, Farmer’s Markets are about to open up across the country. Most open in May or June.

Farmer’s Markets are a fabulous place to get gluten free and allergen free foods. Many have a booth with baked goods or soups, but aside from that, it’s a paradise of gluten free goodness.

Benefits of shopping at the Farmer’s Market

  • Fresh produce and meat.  Most of the time, fruits and vegetables are picked that day
  • Support for local farmers
  • Few or fewer pesticides on fruits and vegetables. A plum shipped from Chile need a lot of pesticides to keep it lovely even after traveling thousands of miles.
  • Better taste! There’s nothing that compares to the taste of a freshly picked tomato, peach, or apple.
  • The “manufacturer” is usually right in front of you, so if you have questions about how something is made or grown, just ask!

Also, another great option are CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture).  Essentially, you buy a share of a farm, and each week you get a bag of whatever they are growing.


Balancing Green with Good-for-You

Getting the nutrition you need with an eye on the environment.

Wednesday, May 26th,


Most people want to make choices that are better for our bodies and the environment, so we buy products labeled “All natural”, “gluten free”, “free range eggs” and  “organic salmon”.   We know what we’re thinking when we pay more for these products.  But which of these terms on packaging actually are guaranteed to mean something?  If you guessed “none,” you’re right.

We’ll be discussing:

  • The most important foods to buy organic, and why
  • Wild versus farmed?  All about fish and contamination
  • Sifting through claims on labels
  • The scoop on Genetically Modified Foods, or GMOs
  • Local resources for Farmer’s Markets, Community Supported Agriculture, community gardens and more
  • Where to start with planting a few things of your own!

The class cost is $20 per person, or bring a friend for 2 people for $35.  The class is held in Alexandria, VA.  To register, see or call 571-271-8742.

The class is held in Alexandria, VA.  To register, please see


DC Celiacs is having its quarterly meeting on Saturday, May 15th.

Meeting Topic: The Gloriously Gluten-Free Cookbook: Spicing Up Life with Italian, Asian, and Mexican Recipes.
Speaker: Vanessa Maltin

see the WACSSG website for directions!

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