Oct Digestion Update

Oh, what a world we’re in these days. I know there are unprecedented levels of global unrest, which has been hard on so many people in different ways. So first, an encouragement to take extra time take care of yourself and your family, to offer kindness to others where you can, knowing many people are going through a lot of fear and uncertainty for the safety of loved ones.

Back to our normal discussion around digestive dysfunction:

  • Looking for gluten-free Halloween candy? GF Jules has a list. For those that are newer to a gluten-free diet, a quick reminder is there are some candies that are normally gluten-free that *aren’t* gluten-free in, say, their pumpkin or ghost shape, so do double check, even if it’s a candy you typically consume.
  • Of course, you can always opt for non-food options…this is our 2nd year of Ninja rubber duckies. Caveat, of course, that Play doh has wheat in it.
  • New guidelines on Belching, Distension, and Bloating—frequent, but frequently not talked enough about.
  • Celiac & Thyroid disease—webinar will be posted here very soon from National Celiac Association. They regularly have wonderful webinars.
  • Paper on Inflammatory bowel disease and all the other factors that can cause symptoms—from IBS to mast cell to exocrine pancreatic insufficiency to SIBO, mast cell dysfunction, Ehlers danlos, POTS & more.
  • Hot off the presses—new paper on EDS and pregnancy complications
  • Thinking ahead about a gluten-free Thanksgiving or winter holidays? Look on my website for prior years for recipes or other ideas.

I’m in the midst of presenting a training for over 100 of professionals through the Ehlers Danlos society on the nutritional complications of EDS. I’m teaching on digestive complications. ? Education will always be a passion for me, and I’m aware of how much I’ve learned from wonderful mentors and, of course, my clients.

Cheryl Harris, MPH, RD is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Wellcoach working with clients in VA, DC & MD.  She helps people with a range of digestive problems, including Celiac, IBS, Crohn’s, UC, gastroparesis, EDS, POTS & more. Let’s get you on your way to achieving your goals and feeling great!  Email or call 571-271-8742.

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