GF Valentine’s and more!

Since it’s almost Valentine’s day, I’ll be sharing a few favorite recipes below–some that you can whip up last minute! But first, a quick research run-through.

Tuxedo strawberries
Tuxedo Strawberries

Here’s something I don’t love at all. There are concerns about gluten-free oats. Again. It’s harder to find gluten-free oats now, and there are recommendations for people who need gluten-free oats for medical reasons to choose oats certified gluten-free, preferably purity protocol. And even if you’ve checked the ones you eat, do check again, because some have change because of supply chain issues.

Interesting article on how many people who are diagnosed with IBS actually have other underlying issues, like Celiac, microscopic colitis, SIBO, carb malabsorption or pancreatic insufficiency.

Table 1: Summary of different diets in inflammatory bowel disease
IBD Diets that work

For those of you with IBD, and dietitians who read the newsletter, there’s a great article on diets for Crohn’s and UC, reviewing the ones that work…and the ones that don’t.
Along similar lines, I did a 5-minute journal review of a study out in Jan 2022 on a special diet for Crohn’s called the Crohn’s disease exclusion diet. It’s been used for children in the past, and was just studied for use in adults. Tricky to do, but can be effective, and interesting to read about.

Last but not least, I’ve got a CE course for nutrition professionals on histamine intolerance. I find it such a fascinating topic, and something I’ve been seeing so much more in clients and in research lately.

Onward to the food!

My favorite things to make for my Valentine (all gluten-free, of course)

Chocolate Frangelico mousse cake
Chocolate Frangelico Mousse Cake

What if you don’t like/can’t eat chocolate?

  1. I’m sorry
  2. I’d recommend toffee, or
  3. Crustless apple pie

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