G-Free Summer

Just a few studies and thoughts for summertime.

OMG strawberries! And the birds haven’t gotten them yet. Yum!

Home garden strawberries

If you are tempted to get out and growing, it’s the perfect time to plant tomatoes, peppers, basil, cucumbers…

And SOME Farmers’ Markets are opening, or partially opened, so do look if you enjoy them.

A new study suggests that probiotics may lead to a breakthrough in treatment for a gluten-free diet. Specifically, people with Celiac have lower levels of bifidobacteria, which tends to be linked to good health. But before you head to the supplement aisle, this research is still really early yet, so stay tuned.

FDA allows food substitutions because of COVID. ….and there’s concern that there may be slip ups that may lead to gluten added to foods accidentally, because substitutions are allowed. Gluten-free Watchdog has comments here. This is also a concern for people with food allergies. It’s a good idea to stick with brands you know and trust, and know do a good job, and when in doubt, check with manufacturers.

Celiac… and cookware? Maybe. A new study indicates that chemical exposures in pesticides, nonstick cookware, etc. is linked to higher levels of Celiac. This is only a pilot, but it’s interesting data for understanding triggers and prevention.

The National Celiac 5K is virtual…so for all you runners who want to get out there, May 30th is the date!

Children’s National DC is holding their Expo virtually this year on June 14th. Details here: Gluten-Free Education day

A PSA for local businesses with g-free menus—if you’re ordering take out, try to order from the small, locally owned places. Most are really struggling! The large chains will likely make it through this, but if you want your favorite places to be around in a few years, make sure you make the effort to order in and buy gift cards if that’s in your budget.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy summer,


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