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Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

GF Turkey List 2014

Here’s a list of information from many major brands of turkey. This list was last updated on Nov  2014. Please note: NONE of the brands contain gluten in their plain, unstuffed turkeys. Some hams DO contain gluten, and so does holiday Tofurky.Please let me know if there are any broken links!

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General turkey tips:

  • Fresh, plain turkeys that are not stuffed are naturally gluten free
  • All regular stuffed turkeys contain gluten, even if you don’t eat the stuffing.
  • Check the gravy/seasoning packets very carefully. Some are g-free, but some are not.


Aaron’s Best
Shipped Kosher turkey, goose, duck, etc. WITH GF stuffings (buckwheat, quinoa or rice). Pricey, but wow!
Here’s their product list. Updated Nov 2014

800-288-8372 Nov 2014

(800) 327-8246
“All of our raw products are Gluten free..” via email, October 2011

Empire Kosher Poultry
Listing of all GF Products  Updated Nov 2014

Esskay and Mash Hams
“Esskay and Mash hams gluten free.” Via email, November 2011.

Honeybaked Ham

Per website, Nov 2014 “Please note: You are now free to enjoy any of our signature meats (HoneyBaked Ham, Sliced & Glazed Turkey, Hickory Boneless Ham) without wheat gluten!”

Honeysuckle White

316 -683-4691
Honeysuckle White Turkeys are GF, but some of their other products have gluten.  A list of products that DO have gluten here. All other products are GF, according to the manufacturer. Updated Nov 2014

Hormel Foods
Their Gluten-free list includes turkey products and ham, too. (updated Nov 2014)

Listing of all GF products (accessed Nov 14)

Manor House (Safeway brand)

“The Safeway Brand Holiday Turkeys, fresh or frozen are Gluten Free.” (per email correspondence, Oct 26 2011)

Are your products gluten free? “Yes. Many PERDUE® products are free of gluten. Perdue chickens, chicken parts and turkeys are all gluten-free. These are sold fresh, as well as frozen, and some are flavored with seasonings.”  (Correspondence from  Nov, 2011)

Plainville Farms

“Yes, our turkey is gluten free and casein free. However, our turkey gravy and our homestyle dressing contain wheat.” Nov 2013

Shadybrook Farms
The majority of Shady Brook Farms® products do not contain Gluten. However, the following list of products do contain Gluten: New listing of products (updated Nov, 2014)

While some Tofurky products are now certified gluten-free, holiday tofurky products are wheat based. (updated Nov 3 2014)

Wellshire Farms
(856) 769-8933

Wellshire Farms’ website labels each product for the presence of gluten, casein, and a range of allergens. Some hams DO contain gluten. Includes an in-depth description of the term gluten-free as they use it  and a nifty allergen finder tool. (updated Nov 2014)


Trader Joe’s, Mc Cormick and Whole Foods have gluten-free gravies.

* Disclaimer: This information is based on websites, email and telephone correspondence and is intended for informational purposes only and not as medical advice. Harris Whole Health is not responsible for any changes in ingredient lists, and always recommends double checking all labels.*

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