GF Turkey List ’09


Here’s a list of information from many major brands of turkey. This list was Nov 2009. Please let me know if there are any broken links!

General turkey tips:

  • Fresh, plain turkeys that are not stuffed are naturally gluten free
  • All regular stuffed turkeys contain gluten, even if you don’t eat the stuffing.
  • Avoid the gravy packets.

Aaron’s Best
Shipped Kosher turkey, goose, duck, etc. WITH GF stuffings (buckwheat, quinoa or rice). Pricey, but wow!
Here’s their product list. Checked Nov 09


From the Butterball website Nov 09:

  1. Do Butterball® products contain any allergens like gluten? Butterball product labels let consumers know whether any of the top eight allergens may be present in the product. For example, a label may read “contains wheat and dairy.” Specifically, gluten is not present naturally in turkey. It may be present in our gravy packets, additional rubs or flavors, and in our stuffed products.

This just in!  Some Butterball gravy packet are GF–As always, read carefully.

Butcher’s Cut (Safeway Brand)

Shank cut ham is GF.  Spiral Sliced Ham is GF (glaze packet is not gluten free) (per Safeway Gluten Free product listing, received October 2008, dated March 08)

(800) 327-8246
“To my knowledge the only item that I sell that has gluten are the crackers that are in the picnic basket. Other then that all other items are gluten free.” via email, October 2007

Empire Kosher Poultry
Listing of all GF Products (accessed Nov 09)

Esskay and Mash Hams
“The only products that have gluten are our Bar BQ loaf and Peppered Corned Beef in the deli. All our other products are gluten free.” Via email, November 2007.

Honeybaked Ham

Per and email from HBH, “The Hams and Turkeys are all Gluten Free”.  Here is info on their other products.

The Honey Baked Ham office in Georgia reports that as of November 1st, 2007, their glaze is made without any gluten. They have updated their website to reflect this information that their products are, indeed, gluten free (accessed Nov 09)

Honeysuckle White

316 -683-4691
Honeysuckle White Turkeys are GF, but some of their other products have gluten.  A list of products that DO have gluten here. All other products are GF, according to the manufacturer. (updated Nov 09)

Hormel Foods
List includes turkey products and ham, too. (updated Nov 09)

Listing of all GF products (accessed Nov 09)

Manor House (Safeway brand)
Confirmed via phone call to Safeway October 2008. Also on the Safeway GF product listing dated 3/18/08 (Frozen enhanced turkey)

Listing of all GF products. (accessed Nov 09)

Pilgrim’s Pride

Here is a list of GF products.  Breaded products are not GF (accessed Nov 09)

Plainville Farms

“All of our turkeys products are gluten free except our gravy, cranberry relish, and dressing ” Confirmed via email Nov 2009

Shadybrook Farms
New listing of products that are NOT GF (all others are GF) (updated Nov 09)

Smithfield Farms


Most of our products are GF–see Allergen & Ingredient statement (updated Nov 09)

All Tofurky products contain gluten (Nov 09)

Wellshire Farms
(856) 769-8933
Info on gluten and many other allergens for turkeys, hams and other products, too. (updated Nov 09)

* Disclaimer: This information is based on websites, email and telephone correspondence and is intended for informational purposes only and not as medical advice. Harris Whole Health is not responsible for any changes in ingredient lists, and always recommends double checking all labels.*

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