Gluten Free Summer Fun

Hope you’re having a healthy summertime.

Green Beans from garden
Garden Green Beans

A few quick updates:
Time to do the happy dance! The Gluten-Related Disorders Training for health professionals is officially out. This is an effort to train dietitians and other health professionals on Celiac, and other disorders related to gluten. It’s taken over 6 years—close to 7! But it’s done.
Module 1: Medical Aspects of Gluten-Related Disorders and Gluten-Free Dietary Treatment. Alessio Fasano, MD Tricia Thompson MS, RD
Module 2: Going Gluten-Free: Moving Clients from Diagnosis to Implementation. Mary K. Sharrett, MS, RD, Suzanne Simpson, MS RD
Module 3: Enhancing Quality of Life in Individuals on a Gluten-Free Diet. Amy Keller, MS, RD, Anne Lee, MS, RD
Module 4: Gluten-Free Diet and the Life Cycle. Cheryl Harris, MPH, RD
Module 5: Nonresponsive Celiac Disease and Developing Alternative Treatments. Melinda Dennis, MS, RD Daniel Leffler, MD

I have no vested financial interest—but I’m excited that this resource is finally available, and more RDs will be educated on Celiac.
RDs, there will likely be grants available to reimburse the cost of the trainings if you complete all the units, and I will post more info as it’s available.

Long-time Celiac supporter Dr. Aline Charabaty has started a fundraiser to help those affected by the tragedy in Lebanon. If you’re inspired to help, here’s more information.

Wishing you a safe end of summer!

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