My Diet Philosophy: (and the research & rationale here)

When conversations about dieting come up, talk usually centers on words like “deprivation,” “miserable,” “guilty,” and “cardboard.” Hmmm… this doesn’t sound like much fun.It usually doesn’t last very long, either.

So why am I, a dietitian, bringing this up?I much prefer to work with people on developing a healthy lifestyle. It’s the difference between looking at changes as self-care and a way of reaching goals instead of an annual form of punishment. Food nourishes the mind, body and spirit. It is important (and possible!) to enjoy tasty and healthy foods for every food plan. My clients are much more successful because they focus on what they want: to feel better,  to have less pain, to manage health conditions, to be better role models for their children or even to fit into a favorite pair of jeans.

This does, of course, involve changes in what and how you eat and how you live, too. Once we review your diet, I recommend a range of changes that can be made, but it only works when you decide what you’re willing and able to work on at each point in time. There is no “one size fits all.” I take a holistic view and help people find better options, while balancing taste, time, diet and money considerations. Whether you want to find healthier fast food options, or you are ready to learn about healthier home cooked meals, I can help support you. Each session, we choose several realistic steps to focus on each time, while keeping larger, long-term goals in mind, too. Keeping a food diary is an excellent way for you to see your own progress, and it helps me to provide better guidance and support.

A healthy lifestyle also includes much more than the foods you eat. Physical activity levels, stress management, sleep habits, regular visits to the doctor, vitamins and supplement use and more are all important parts of staying healthy. Mindful eating is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. It is challenging to enjoy or even really taste food while talking on the phone, watching TV, driving or engaging in any other distraction.Besides, what fun is good food if you don’t really taste it?

Sessions are based on your needs & begin with a dietary assessment. I help clients develop goals and a concrete plan to achieve success based on taste, lifestyle and health needs.

  • Discussion of motivation, goals and reasons for change
  • Assessment of current habits and behaviors
  • Simple, easy suggestions for dietary and lifestyle changes, ranging from kinds of foods, quality and quantity
  • Resources, such as books, websites and support groups
  • Supplements if necessary
  • Staying healthy at any size and avoiding chronic disease

For Celiac and allergy clients:

  • Basics of a gluten free/allergen free diet
  • Managing multiple food allergies and intolerances
  • Easy, healthy and portable foods for snacks
  • Where to eat and shop—restaurants and stores
  • Resources, such as books, websites and support groups
  • Supplements if necessary
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding chronic disease

Individual sessions, family session and/or group sessions available

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