G-Free Holiday Season: Dec Newsletter

Whew! December is a busy time for everyone, so here’s some good stuff for surviving and thriving this holiday season.

For many people, the holiday season is one of the most challenging times to be gluten-free. I’ve highlighted some of my favorite tips for staying SANE and gluten-free here from Simply Gluten-Free Magazine. And along the lines of sanity, I host a December Sanity Virtual Retreat every year with the help of other g-free bloggers with fun prizes. This year, I’m joined by Kate of Eat, Recycle, Repeat, Carrie of Ginger Lemon Girl and Valerie of City Life Eats. fudge

Of course, this time of year is pretty much  about desserts, yes? Some of us aren’t all about mixing 5 different gluten-free flours and whipping out the xantham gum. I’ve collected a list of NATURALLY gluten-free desserts over the years—foolproof recipes that aren’t specialty cooking, but just happen to be marvelously gluten-free.

My personal favorites? My Bittersweet Chestnut Fudge and my Vegan Pralines.

Oh, right, and there’s food, too. Got a gluten-free meal? I’ve got a G-Free Turkey and Ham list for 2013.

It’s also a season of overdoing, so here are my top 5 holiday mindless eating tips:

  1. Surround yourself with what you want to see. Remember all that talk about a see-food and eat it diet? Make sure you’re seeing the foods you want to be eating. Put seasonal fruits such as grapefruits, pomegranates,and mangos on the counter or in your refrigerator where they are easy to grab. Bonus points for putting them at eye level!
  2. Survey your options: Research shows that people at a normal weight are more likely to survey all of their options, then hone in on what they’ll most enjoy. Otherwise, we have much more of a tendency to keep going back. Standing further from the buffet, facing away and engaging in something else fun (conversation, dancing, photography) also can be a help.
  3. Choose the special foods: If you can’t live without gluten-free brownies, then plan them in! Skip on the “filler” foods you can have every day, like chips and dip or even booze.
  4. Limit alcohol! Not only is alcohol empty calories that slow your metabolism, but it can be harder to make good choices after you’ve had a few. It can help to set a target before you go, and to consider which you’d enjoy more, that piece of g-free pie or that 2nd glass of wine. WaPo included some of my tips for reducing excess last year.
  5. Keep the evidence: Out of sight, out of mind, right? If you don’t keep the wrappers or plate, it’s easier to conveniently forget how many mini plates you’ve already nibbled through.

More recipes from around the web:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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