G-Free Love

In honor of Valentine’s day, here are some of the things I <heart> in the gluten-free and Celiac world!

  • I had the pleasure of reviewing quite a few books last year.  I was very surprised that the one that got the most use was “Gluten-Free in Five Minutes” by Roben Ryberg.  I’m a bit of a food snob and not a fan of microwaves.  That being said, I really appreciate being able to make a little g-free cake for my favorite husband in just a few minutes.
  • Love to read everything you can on celiac disease?  My favorite book on the science along with Celiac is Real Life with Celiac disease by Melinda Dennis and David Leffler.

Celiac Webinars: New Project that makes my heart flutter:

I’m very excited about my new Celiac Webinar Series for Dietitians, nutritionists and health professionals.  They’re they’re research focused and aimed at health professionals, but anyone is welcome to take them, and CEUs available for RDs/DTRs.

Topics include:

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Cheryl Harris, MPH, RD is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and Certified Wellness Coach in Fairfax & Alexandria, VA. I work with people to feel and look their best with a range of specialties, including Celiac Disease, food allergies, pregnancy, breastfeeding, vegetarian and vegan diets, preventing diseases and “whole foods” eating. Let’s get you on your way to achieving your goals.  Email me or call 571-271-8742. 

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  1. Cheryl, thanks so much for the generous mention and all the good info! I don’t have that Dennis/Leffler book in my support group library yet. Need to get that one right away. Thanks for the recommendation!


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