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Things to Make You Say “om” (NoVA Area & Online Meditation Resources)

The raisin exercise:

Here’s a collection of my favorite local, national and online meditation and related resources!  Feel free to send me other resources to add to the list.

Why mindfulness & meditation? The Center for Mind Body Medicine has some great research here.

Meditation and mindfulness podcasts & posts (free):
Tara Brach: Podcasts and guided meditations (free)
Hugh Byrne Audio talks and meditations (free)
Pema Chödrön: Videos, articles (free)
Ram Dass Webcasts (donation required)
Jonathan Foust: Talks and guided meditations (free)
Dalai Lama: Webcasts (free)
Insight Meditation Center of Charlottesville, VA (various teachers, free)
Jim Gordon, MD demonstrating “Soft Belly” breathing
Jon Kabat Zinn: Videos of talks (free)
Rick Hanson: Newsletters  & videos (free)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Jack Kornfeld: Articles (free)
Belleruth Naparstek: articles, some free audio
Sharon Salzberg: Post and Podcasts (free)
Audio collection from Spirit Rock (renowned meditation center (free)

Mindful Eating Resources

For nutrition professionals:


Resources for sale:
Awakening Joy Course (variable cost) and Awakening Joy: 10 Steps That Will Put You on the Road to Real Happiness book
Deepak Chopra meditations
Bernie Siegel books, CDs, DVDs, etc. on hope and healing
Sounds True:meditation/mindfulness resources
Health Journeys: Guided imagery and meditation CDs/mp3s

DC Area Teachers
Tara Brach
Hugh Byrne
Jonathan Foust
Sharon Salzberg (usually in DC once a month)

Posts on mindful awareness, inspiration, etc.
Daily Om–Free daily emails, online courses
Tiny Buddha–posts on meditation, mindfulness, awareness and joy (free)

Meditation/mindfulness bell (free)

DC Area Courses/trainings:
Center for Mind Body Medicine
Insight Meditation Community of Washington
MUIH (Formerly Tai Sophia)  Redefining Health Laurel, MD

DC Area Places for Retreat/Reflection

National List of Meditation Centers

Global list of meditation centers

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