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Things to Make You Say “om” (NoVA Area & Online Meditation Resources)

Here’s a collection of my favorite local, national and online meditation and related resources!  Feel free to send me other resources to add to the list.

Why mindfulness & meditation? The Center for Mind Body Medicine has some great research here.

Meditation and mindfulness podcasts & posts (free):
Tara Brach: Podcasts and guided meditations (free)
Hugh Byrne Audio talks and meditations (free)
Pema Chödrön: Videos, articles (free)
Ram Dass Webcasts (donation required)
Jonathan Foust: Talks and guided meditations (free)
Dalai Lama: Webcasts (free)
Insight Meditation Center of Charlottesville, VA (various teachers, free)
Jim Gordon, MD demonstrating “Soft Belly” breathing
Jon Kabat Zinn: Videos of talks (free)
Rick Hanson: Newsletters  & videos (free)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Jack Kornfeld: Articles (free)
Belleruth Naparstek: articles, some free audio
Sharon Salzberg: Post and Podcasts (free)
Audio collection from Spirit Rock (renowned meditation center (free)

Mindful Eating Resources

For nutrition professionals:


Resources for sale:
Awakening Joy Course (variable cost) and Awakening Joy: 10 Steps That Will Put You on the Road to Real Happiness book
Deepak Chopra meditations
Bernie Siegel books, CDs, DVDs, etc. on hope and healing
Sounds True:meditation/mindfulness resources
Health Journeys: Guided imagery and meditation CDs/mp3s

DC Area Teachers
Tara Brach
Hugh Byrne
Jonathan Foust
Sharon Salzberg (usually in DC once a month)

Posts on mindful awareness, inspiration, etc.
Daily Om–Free daily emails, online courses
Tiny Buddha–posts on meditation, mindfulness, awareness and joy (free)

Meditation/mindfulness bell (free)

DC Area Courses/trainings:
Center for Mind Body Medicine
Insight Meditation Center of Washington
MUIH (Formerly Tai Sophia)  Redefining Health Laurel, MD

DC Area Places for Retreat/Reflection
Dominican Retreat in McLean, VA
Earthwalk Retreat, Fredericksburg, VA
Gaia Healing Center in Mt Airy, MD
Holy Cross Abbey in Berryville, VA

National List of Meditation Centers

Global list of meditation centers

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