Low FODMAP Shopping Guide

First, new to low FODMAP? read this first.

A low FODMAP elimination can be daunting at first, because there are a lot of teeny tiny ingredient labels to read, and lots of details. I’ve had so many clients ask about finding a simple and quick way of finding the essentials, so I’ve put together this list. I’ve linked on Amazon when possible for convenience. I’ve also listed local stores in the NoVA area if that’s more convenient. If links are broken, please let me know!

Please note: these products appear FODMAP friendly based on their ingredients. Most have not been specifically tested (except where noted with a ^)

Best NoVA area local stores for low FODMAP foods: Trader Joe’s, MOM’s Organic Market, Wegmans, Whole Foods. In Maryland, Roots is an awesome option, and Yes Market has great options in DC. However, some Giant & Safeway stores are now carrying a wider range of options, too. *please note, this post does contain affiliate links*

Low FODMAP cookbooks below:

FODY Foods BBQ, Salsa, rubs, bars, etc



Protein powders:

Flours/baking/mixes (use fodmap friendly ingredients!). Most gluten-free flour mixes are FODMAP friendly. Exceptions are is Cup for Cup and Pamela’s, which use milk protein powder, which is NOT FODMAP friendly.

Pre-made meals:

Fodmapped!^ tested fodmap friendly. At some local Wegman’s


Most gluten-free pastas are FODMAP friendly, with the exception of bean pastas, and can be found at almost all grocery stores. A few brands people particularly like:

Earth Balance Vegan Mac & Cheese: Wegman’s, Whole Foods

Pasta Sauce:


FODY^ Salsas

Pineapple Tangerine Salsa–at Target–I could not find it online for ordering (thanks, Katelyn!)


Most regular soy sauce is FODMAP friendly. If gluten-free soy sauce is needed, try San-J, Braggs, or La Choy

Herbs and spices:


Roasted peppers–


Snacky stuff–chips, crackers, etc.


Granola Bars/protein bars

Smush up granola bars! or try:

Nut butter packs:




  • Bark thins: most flavors. AVOID IF CELIAC/gluten sensitive–may have traces of wheat–available at most stores (1/4 cup)
  • Chocolate bars (1 oz per serving, without milk protein or HFCS)
    • Trader Joe’s Semi-sweet chips
    • Enjoy Life Chips or chunks–most stores
    • Nestle’s Semi Sweet Morsels–most stores
    • 2 lists of my very favorite gluten/dairy free chocolates–because chocolate is a priority. Most of those chocolates will work, with the exception of those that contain agave
  • Enjoy life Rice Chocolate Bar–MOM’s, Whole Foods, Wegman’s
  • Hershey’s Simple 5 syrup (many stores)
  • Jello–many brands (including Jello) use sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Justin’s Dark Chocolate PB Cups (one at a time!)–most stores
  • Pudding–make with lactose-free milk


Almost all almond, rice and lactose free milks are FODMAP friendly BUT check for inulin!

Spindrift sodas (no artificial sweeteners)–at Trader Joe’s

Breath fresheners:

  • Altoids (some—not the sugar-free ones)
  • Chicklets (with sugar, not the sugar free)
  • Glee gum
  • Simply gum: mint, cinnamon and ginger flavors–at Whole Foods & Wegman’s
  • Tic Tacs! You can get them most places

Online companies: http://fodyfoods.com/, http://casadesante.com/, http://www.fodmapped.com/


Please note: these products have all been reviewed in March 2018. This list will be updated, but always do double check, because products DO change. Always check in with your health care team and nutrition professional for the best and most updated advice for your specific needs.

I’d also recommend Kate Scarlata’s lists as a wonderful resource.

Comments? Feel free to contact me.