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Cancer Resources

ACS Survivorship Guidelines

Presidential Cancer Guidelines

Soy articles:

EWG Produce Guide

NIH’s Office of Dietary Supplements

Healthy Recipe Resources for Cancer and Beyond:

General “Whole Foods Cooking” resources
World’s Healthiest Foods

http://whfoods.com/ Great information on healthy foods and preparation

American Institute for Cancer Research

http://www.aicr.org You can sign up for weekly recipes

Caring for Cancer


Cancer project


Cancer RD/Diana Dyer


Cancer dietitian


Cancer cookbooks:

Rebecca Katz’s

David Servan-Schreiber

Jen LaMantia, RD

Julia B. Greer

  • The Anti-Cancer Cookbook


Good links for largely plant based meals:

Meatless Monday: http://www.meatlessmonday.com/

Dr. Weil http://www.drweil.com/drw/ecs/common/recipe.html

Vegan/vegetarian recipe sites

The magazine for vegan family recipes http://www.vegfamily.com/vegan-recipes/

Two vegan online cookbooks http://vitalita.com/cookbooks.html

Free downloadable books

Eating Vegan http://www.eatingvegan.com/

Fat Free Vegan blog http://www.fatfreevegan.com/

Nutrition MD http://www.nutritionmd.org/recipes

Run by a vegetarian advocacy group


Dirty Dozen list:


General recipe websites:

There are search functions on these sites for low fat, allergy free, meatless, etc.



http://www.relayfoods.com/ Relay foods—organic and local fruits, veggies, farm raised eggs, chicken, fish, etc.  Discount code X6KYM5

http://www.washingtonsgreengrocer.com/ 301-333-3697

Delivers organic fruits, veggies and herbs to DC, VA and MD

Assorted Environmental/Health Resources:

Local Farmers’ Market information:

http://www.ams.usda.gov/farmersmarkets/ Official USDA Farmers’ Market site.  Most Farmers’ Markets are open from May-October.

Farms, CSAs, etc.

www.localharvest.org  listings—please double check, as many are old

Polyface Farms


Farm in the Shenandoah Valley with pastured meats and eggs that are delivered locally or bought in bulk

Mount Vernon Farms


In Sperryville, VA.  Pastured beef, lamb and chicken.

Eco Friendly Foods:

At many area Farmer’s Markets


South Mountain Veggies

Delivered, locally grown produce from Frederick County, MD


Summary of local CSAs from the Washington Post


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