Adapting Mindfulness Practices for People with Access Needs

adapting meditations…so they fit purrfectly.

This guide is based on my experiences volunteering and working with people with disabilities since 1995, and then developing my own disabilities in 2003. I began practicing mindfulness at that time as a way of coping and found the practices immensely helpful. I also discovered unique challenges to accessing traditional meditation practices, and very few available resources.

Mindfulness practices offer such gifts; I hope the guide helps support you and others in practice.

Adapting Mindful Practices to People with Differing Physical Needs_final

Many thanks to all those who have supported and encouraged me on this path. A big thanks to Devin for encouraging me to write this, and to Erik, Jan, Sujata, Sue Z, Kathleen, Dainei, Deirdre and Maddy for feedback in the writing process.

Some mindfulness videos are here.