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3 Replies to “Gluten…Seriously?”

  1. Thanks for a great short and sweet newsletter. Yes, the chocolate irks me. It could so easily be gf, but so often it isn’t. But before you grab a bar, we should also mention that a lot of chocolates are made by the “pour over” method, where the a vat of liquid chocolate is poured over candy, fruit, or pretzel pieces to coat them. The liquid that drips off is collected and returned to the vat, which continues to pour the chocolate over more pieces. I mention this so others will be aware that chocolate covered pieces are often not gf because of the contamination from the pretzel pour overs whose drippings are then returned to the vat. What seems to be gf, and could easily be gf, in fact oftentimes is not. So check carefully w the manufacturer. And of course there is also the business of the chocolate molds sometimes being dusted w flour so the chocolates turn out well.

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