GF Summertime–August 08

Since it’s summer time, this will be a mini newsletter with tidbits from around the web:

Gluten free news:

There’s new research by Dr. Fasano on where and how gluten causes damage in the intestines of people with Celiac Disease.  Here’s an article summarizing the findings.

The rules, they are a changin’

In the past, traveling abroad poses some challenges, since many countries follow guidelines known as the Codex Alimentarius, which defines under 200ppm as gluten free (most experts in this country recommend under 20 ppm).  However, it’s been reported that they’ve decided to lower their limit to 20 ppm.

Canada has become more proactive as well, and has announced new proposed regulations that all gluten sources must be labeled.

Speaking of the new limit, the official ruling on what can, and can’t, be labeled GF in the US is due out in August, 2008, so stay tuned!  However, unlike Canada and abroad, in the US the new ruling is ONLY voluntary.  Essentially, if a company wants to label something as GF, they must comply with the rules, but most of our food supply will still not be required to have gluten information on the label.

Local Events:

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NCFA) is hosting a special Celiac Awareness Night on Saturday, August 16th for a game against the Colorado Rockies.

Triumph Dining is giving away their dining cards.  But it gets even better!  If enough people take them up on it, they’ll donate to a Celiac related charity.

Good news for multi-allergic chocolate lovers!  Enjoy life has new gluten/dairy/soy/nut free chocolate bars that will be at Whole Foods in August. There’s even a crispy rice bar!

Recipe and info round-up:

We’re seeing GF recipes in the mainstream more and more!  Emeril had a recent episode, with recipes that are gluten free, dairy free, egg free and nut free!  The included a brownie, wraps and more.

A local teen with Celiac Disease, Mike Perlman, has a GF cookbook out called Cookies for Breakfast. While perhaps this is not the healthiest cookbook out there, the proceeds go toward the Juvenile Diabetes and Celiac Disease research.  There was an article about in the Washington Post a few weeks back.

In the mood for some BBQ?  Here’s a bunch of gluten free recipes

The Gluten Free Goddess has a round up of her favorite gluten free products here.

Have a great summer!

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